The Origins of Profanity

4th Mar 2022

Shit It initially had a technical usage, meaning diarrhea in cattle, and it appears in a time when people were herding cattle and naming things. By the 1500s, humans began to use this curse w … read more

Top 10 Birthday GIFs

23rd Feb 2022

Birthday parties are a public occasion when the age of a person changes. Children in particular appreciate birthdays because these events are a celebration of the advancement towards adulthood. Bec … read more

The History of Movies

12th Feb 2022

The film industry originated through a set of technological advancements: the creation of photography, the illusion of motion by combining still images and the study of locomotion. The public’s per … read more

National Make A Friend Day

11th Feb 2022

Life wouldn’t be the same without friends. They’re the people that can be counted on to be there at a moment’s notice. The ones who love and support us in both good and bad times. A lot of research … read more

Irish Coffee

25th Jan 2022

Irish Coffee has become one of the most famous morning cocktails for a reason. Combining hot coffee with irish whiskey, Bailey’s, brown sugar and whipped cream creates a creamy classic that’ll wake … read more